Booking Request

For Walk-ins please give us a call at 480-686-9902 to verify availability.

To book an appointment or request a quote, please fill out this form completely. 

We need to know: name, email, phone number, preferred artist (if you have one, if you want first available, please write that in). Approximate size, placement on the body, and brief description of the tattoo you would like to get. If you have any reference pictures (and you can't add them to the body of the email), send them when we'll reply to you or send us a separate email. 

Once you are given a date/time for an appointment, you will be sent an invoice for the deposit to secure your spot. You will not be booked until you pay the deposit. 

Feel free to ask any question or check out our Q&A

You can always email us directly with all these info if easier for you! 

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